Motivated senior woman looking at the camera with a happy smile as she browses her smartphone for some music outdoors. This elderly woman is taking on an active lifestyle, maintaining her physical wellness through regular exercise.
In today's busy world, many couples struggle with healthy tools to renew, rebalance, and reset their relationships on a regular basis. The Connections Couple Retreat is a great opportunity for time away together. We will cover communication, goal-setting and new skill-building specific to individual dreams, and refocusing on being stronger together while enhancing the wild attraction you both shared "once upon a time.”
Take a closer look at burnout and how to stop yourself from falling into its negative cycle. Some of our major topics of discussion include self-care and ethics, grounding techniques, dealing with secondary trauma, finding closure, and so much more. Widen your circle of acquaintances, earn up to 18 CEUs, learn from experienced health professionals, and find new ways to recenter and rebalance your life.
Let's make it a good and sober week
Let's make it a good and sober week

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