What Makes Us Different

We Educate.

With our years of expertise, we’re here to help you learn and grow so you can find balance and solutions that fit you.

We Support.

We know how overwhelming life can be at times. That’s why we created these retreats to help, so you know where to start.

We Empower.

Our retreats are about life-long habits for happiness and success — even more than just a momentary break or vacation.


Meet The Team

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Paula is a licensed clinical social worker and founder of the Idaho Community Outreach Behavioral Services (COBS) nonprofit. She has provided trauma-based therapeutic services for over twenty years, as well as hosted a variety of retreats. Throughout her profession, Paula has worked with all populations and ages, and it fills her happiness cup to walk side-by-side individuals during their personal healing journeys. She co-founded Nuvivy to bring her years of learning to a wider circle of people and inspire even more hope and healing.
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Khali is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC). She has twenty years of experience as a therapist, twenty-three years of experience working in the mental health space, and thirteen years of experience as a business owner of a mental health agency. Khali specializes in various mental health and trauma fields, and loves helping others develop healthy mindsets and manage unavoidable life stressors. Alongside the other two co-founders, she formed Nuvivy in order to help people reconnect and rebalance so they can thrive in their everyday lives.

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As a National Certified Counselor (NCC) practicing in Idaho, Renee has years of experience leading small groups, supporting young professionals, and counseling and mentoring individuals. Prior to Nuvivy, she worked as a corporate trainer and taught adult education classes on a volunteer basis. Renee has a passion for helping develop human potential and identify solutions to the challenges we face, along with teaching individuals to become intentional about finding moments of reset in their lives.